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Toronto, Vancouver condo owners look to list over next 5 years: CMHC

A growing number of condo investors in Canada’s biggest housing markets are planning to list their units over the next five years, banking on the profits from rising prices to cash out.
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Dollars and Sense
How David Letterman paralleled the shift in media consumption
The arc of Letterman’s career has run parallel to changes in technology, media and the social landscape.
Real Estate Watch: Canada as ‘New Switzerland’ driving Toronto condo market
Developers say Canada’s reputation as a safe country to live and bank is luring buyers from abroad and driving the housing boom in Toronto.
Top Picks from David Cockfield: Power Financial, Brookfield Property Partners, and BMO Low Volatility U.S. Equity ETF
Top Picks from David Cockfield, managing director and portfolio manager at Northland Wealth Management.
Top Picks from Bill Carrigan: COM DEV International, BMO Global Infrastructure Index ETF, and CAE
Top Picks from Bill Carrigan, technical analyst at Getting Technical Info Services.
Yellen sees rate rise in 2015, gradual tightening thereafter
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said she still expects to raise interest rates this year if the economy meets her forecasts, with a gradual pace of tightening to follow.
Five Canadian tech companies that could be the next Shopify
Tom Liston, Managing Partner, Difference Capital Management joins BNN for a look at five private Canadian technology companies that could follow in Shopify's footsteps with a big IPO.
Top deals in takeovers: where to invest in M&A
Where are the best money-making opportunities in the takeover game?
Canadian retail sales rise in March led by cars and food
Canadian retail sales rose 0.7 per cent in March, climbing for the second month in a row as consumers spent more on cars, food and alcohol, data from Statistics Canada showed on Friday.
Upgrades and Downgrades: Netflix, BHP Billiton, General Dynamics
Today's upgrades and downgrades include: Netflix, BHP Billiton, and General Dynamics.
Canada’s April inflation slowest since 2013 on cheaper energy
Canada’s inflation rate last month was the slowest since October 2013, falling below the central bank’s target band on a drop in energy costs.
Joe Oliver: More tax cuts coming if Conservatives get re-elected
Federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver said his governing Conservatives will continue to cut taxes if they retain power in October’s federal election, even with levels at their lowest in generations.
Energy Watch: Rising price for oil sands crude as inventory plunges
“There is no incentive to store,” crude analyst says of Western Canadian Select. “The incentive is to ship to market.”
As Air Canada begins luggage crackdown, airline industry makes no apologies
As passengers become increasingly frustrated with the high costs of plane travel, some Canadian airlines are telling consumers more service fees are on the horizon.
Top Picks from Andy Nasr: CN Rail, FirstService, and Prudential Financial
Top Picks from Andy Nasr, managing director and senior portfolio manager at Middlefield Group.
B.C. won't remove ‘No Oriental’ clause on thousands of properties
The B.C. government is under fire for failing to remove blatantly racist documents from the province's land title registry.
Top Picks from Bill Carrigan: COM DEV International, BMO Global Infrastructure Index ETF, and CAE
Top Picks from Bill Carrigan, technical analyst at Getting Technical Info Services.
Upgrades and Downgrades: Netflix, BHP Billiton, General Dynamics
Today's upgrades and downgrades include: Netflix, BHP Billiton, and General Dynamics.
Why deep-frying anything is getting more expensive
Lovers of deep-fried food, be warned. An oilseed crop that helps deliver the crispy and golden quality to french fries, potato chips and chicken is in trouble.
High housing prices driving millennials out of Vancouver
The high living costs in Vancouver are driving millennials out of the city, which could trigger future labour shortages, according to a new report.
Top Picks from Stan Wong: Dollarama, General Motors, and Southwest Airlines
Top Picks from Stan Wong, director of wealth management and portfolio manager at Stan Wong Private Wealth Management, ScotiaMcLeod.
Pattie Lovett-Reid: Rising household debt levels only tell half the story
CTV's chief financial commentator agrees with a new Fraser Institute report: You have to account for assets when you talk debt levels.
Personal Investor: Spring brings a mortgage rate chill
After years of being warned that interest rates are on their way up, it seems Canadian homeowners are finally getting the message.
How much house can you REALLY afford? Hidden traps to avoid when you go mortgage shopping
The landscape is competitive, margins are being squeezed and mortgage rates have been lower for longer than anyone thought would have been the case. That has extended the life of the real estate market in key locations.
Personal Investor: Make your home renovation dollars pay off
Take it from a guy who’s tamed a few belt-sanders in his day: if you’re going to get your hands dirty make sure it pays off.
Build a work wardrobe from scratch without going broke
Score! You graduated university, completed a year-long post-grad diploma program, two summer internships and finally landed a contract replacing someone who went on mat-leave.
Personal Investor: What the U.S. Fed is saying about your portfolio
U.S. Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen may be a long way off in Washington, but she might be telling you it’s time to take some profits.
Personal Investor: Where’s my tax refund?
With the 2014 tax deadline behind us, the ball is now in the CRA’s court.
Hidden Savings: 10 banks with the highest interest rates that you've probably never heard of
Branchless banks offer by far the highest-interest, with daily rates usually beating even 5-year GICs at the Big 5.
Growing number of seniors account for Ontario insolvency filings: study
Seniors have the highest level of outstanding debt among people filing for insolvency in Ontario – including the largest balance of unpaid payday loans.
Canadians support increasing CPP benefits, poll finds
Canadians strongly support the Conservative government’s move to raise the contribution limits for Tax Free Savings Accounts, but expanding the Canada Pension Plan would be an even more popular move.

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