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Energy Watch: The end of optimism

The more Canada’s energy patch experts shrug and say “we’ve been through this before,” the more it seems clear this downturn will be worse than the many dips of decades past.
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Interest rates
BCE: CRTC missed 'by a wide, wide, wide margin' on protecting jobs
Mirko Bibic, chief legal and regulatory officer at Bell and BCE says the decision by Canada’s Broadcast Regulator to remove simultaneous substitution from the Super Bowl hurts job prospects in the broadcasting industry.
Prem Watsa's Fairfax India slips in trading debut
Fairfax India Holdings Corp., the $1 billion fund created by investor Prem Watsa, dipped in its Canada trading debut after an initial public offering.
Target to seek two-month extension of protection from creditors
Target already has pulled mobile phone products from its 133 Canadian outlets and closed Starbucks cafés in them, according to a filing on Friday with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Soon it will begin liquidation sales and set up a data room for would-be buyers of its store leases to try to collect whatever value is left in the business, the documents say.
IMF urges Ottawa to be cautious while fighting its deficit
The International Monetary Fund has cautioned Ottawa to go easy on its deficit-fighting zeal, in light of the growing risks to Canada’s economic health.
Top Picks from Greg Newman: Hudson’s Bay Company, Manulife Financial, and Shaw Communications
Top Picks from Greg Newsman, director and associate portfolio manager at ScotiaMcLeod.
When will Target Canada's liquidation sales start?
Canadian shoppers hoping to capitalize on Target's demise may have to wait a bit longer for the retailer's liquidation sales.
Playing politics with shareholder money: What you may not know
Your shares are bankrolling political posturing you may not agree with. 
U.S. economy cools in fourth quarter, but consumer spending shines
U.S. economic growth slowed sharply in the fourth quarter as weak business spending and a wider trade deficit offset the fastest pace of consumer spending since 2006.
Canada’s economy slumps in November as factories, energy sector hit
Canada’s economy contracted in November, as the expected weakness in the energy sector was compounded by a slump in manufacturing output.
New Greek government opposes Canadian gold mine
Greece’s new left-wing government will cancel plans to sell the state natural gas utility and is firmly opposed to a Canadian gold mine that is among the biggest foreign investment projects in the country, the energy minister told Reuters on Friday.
Loonie tumbles as Canada's shrinking economy fuels rate speculation
The loonie fell for a 10th week, the longest losing streak since 2000, after a report showing the economy unexpectedly shrank bolstered speculation the central bank will cut interest rates again.
Lower loonie fallout: Taking stock of the winners and losers
While some economists say the currency’s drop represents a return to the Canadian dollar's "natural" value, what it will also mean are changes in the way Canadians shop.
CRTC opens door for U.S. Super Bowl ads to air on Canadian TV
Canadian viewers wanting to see flashy American Super Bowl ads are finally getting their way.
Energy Watch: The end of optimism
The more Canada’s energy patch experts shrug and say “we’ve been through this before,” the more it seems clear this downturn will be worse than the many dips of decades past.
CIBC cuts jobs to boost operating efficiency
CIBC still plans to add more jobs than it eliminates in 2015, and expects to hire more than 5,000 employees in the next year, according to the statement. The firm had almost 44,500 employees at year-end.
Canadian broadcast regulator to announce new rules for local TV
Over the next year, the CRTC will reshape the Canadian television industry, with a series of new rules flowing out of its lengthy Let’s Talk TV hearing last summer.
Top Picks from John O'Connell: McDonalds, Stryker, and Cisco Systems
Top Picks from Josh O'Connell, chairman at CEO at Davis Rea.
Be worried for Canadian job market in 2015, labour indicators show
Canadian payroll employment dropped in November by the most in almost five years, a government report showed Thursday, adding to concern the outlook for the nation’s labour market is dimming as oil prices tumble.
Banks’ prime-rate cut falls short of BoC in a bid to protect profits
Traditionally, bank prime rates move in lockstep with the central bank, but one bank said it now factors in other variables.
RBC, BMO and TD Bank cut prime to 2.85% from 3%
Canada’s major banks are heading into a renewed mortgage price war in the wake of the Bank of Canada’s surprise decision to cut interest rates.
RBC first to cut mortgage rates as bond yields plunge
Royal Bank of Canada is the first major lender to lower mortgage rates after five-year bond yields fell in the wake of a surprise cut by the Bank of Canada last week, according to rate-monitoring websites.
Traders signal deeper cuts after Bank of Canada's interest rate shocker
Bond traders reeling from the Bank of Canada’s shock interest-rate cut are betting Governor Stephen Poloz will do it again.
Economist warns rate cut may create ‘grotesque’ debt skew
The Bank of Canada’s surprise cut to borrowing costs this week threatens to tilt an already lopsided economy into one that is grotesquely skewed toward housing and consumer spending, said Bank of Montreal’s Doug Porter.
Banks 'may be biding their time' on mortgage rate cuts
Canada’s big banks have yet to lower mortgage rates after the central bank’s surprise rate cut this week, but once one of them does the rest will “clamour for the market share,” one expert says.
Finance Minister won’t interfere with banks on rates
Canadian Finance Minister Joe Oliver said he won't pressure the nation's banks to follow the Bank of Canada's latest interest-rate cut, or take steps to influence the housing market.
Don Martin: Interest rate cut helps Harper’s election chances
Only five prime ministers in our history have lasted this long, but Harper still craves another four years. And he’s got one formidable asset in his corner: Good economic luck.
Big banks not budging on mortgage rates after central bank cut
Toronto-Dominion Bank, Canada’s largest lender, says it has no plans to cut its prime rate to match the central bank’s move, keeping the rate linked to variable mortgages, car loans and other securities, at 3 percent. Other banks, including Royal Bank of Canada, are also holding off.
Harper backs Bank of Canada rate cut, doesn't plan fiscal stimulus
Asked whether he was planning further fiscal stimulus to help a sluggish economy, Harper replied; "No".

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