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Michael Kane
Nov 27 2015

Taking stock of your portfolio in the final days of 2015

By Michael Kane, Anchor
With just a month to go in 2015 stock market, investors have to make some difficult choices on which stocks to keep, and on which ones they can stand to take a loss.
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Frances Horodelski
Nov 26 2015

Hostile oil patch takeover twist

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
We will focus on Suncor-Canadian Oil Sands and 25 other companies that have shown an interest in COS as per the declaration from the COS advisors yesterday.
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Frances Horodelski
Nov 25 2015

Will the weak loonie help or hurt Canada's Black Friday sales

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
Today, we’ll focus on the Canadian dollar’s weakness and how that could help and hurt shopping activity here in Canada as we move into Black Thursday and Cyber Monday.
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Frances Horodelski
Nov 24 2015

It's raining bought deals

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
Feed the ducks when they’re quacking. That might have been one of the reasons behind the flurry of deals that fell into the market yesterday afternoon.
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Frances Horodelski
Nov 23 2015

Monday brings M&A madness

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
It is a Monday of mega deals - Brookfield Infrastructure made its bid for Australia’s Asciano official, a major tie-up in pharmaceuticals with Allergan and Pfizer agreeing to merge and many more.
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Frances Horodelski
Nov 20 2015

First fiscal update from new finance minister on tap

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
BNN will be covering the first fiscal update from the new Finance Minister. The focus will be on the financial condition inherited from the old government and will not include intended spending plans.
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Frances Horodelski
Nov 19 2015

New IPOs on the block

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
The big stories today include Bombardier receiving US$1.5 billion from the Caisse de dépôt through a convertible debenture for a 30% interest in the company’s transportation group.
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Frances Horodelski
Nov 18 2015

Today’s world is moving fast

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
Today’s world is moving fast. The CPR-Norfolk Southern story is front and centre as a non-binding offer from CP is in Norfolk’s hands valued at $94.95 per share based on last night’s close.
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