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Niall McGee
Jan 27 2014

My brutal experience with depression

By Niall McGee, Reporter
One year ago today, I was living in the psychiatric ward of Toronto General Hospital. I say living because I had already been there more than two weeks.
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Niall McGee
Nov 29 2013

Facebook’s pain may be Instagram’s gain

By Niall McGee, Reporter
BLOG: Facebook may have a problem with teenagers.
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Niall McGee
Jul 18 2012

The fascinating world of weather derivatives

By Niall McGee, Reporter
Niall McGee examines the weather derivatives market.
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Niall McGee
Jun 29 2012

Too big to grow

By Niall McGee, Reporter
Many of the world's top gold producers are facing a similar problem: they're now too big to grow.
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Niall McGee
Apr 11 2012

Traders burned on the euro

By Niall McGee, Reporter
Sebastien Galy, senior currency strategist with Societe Generale in New York, says the euro has been one of the hardest currencies to predict and trade this year.
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Niall McGee
Mar 25 2011
Niall McGee
Mar 17 2011
Niall McGee
Mar 10 2011

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