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Nov 28 2014

Choose your stampede -- oil or barbies?

By Greg Bonnell, Reporter
The retail stampede on both sides of the border is well underway as we await the return of American traders and what’s shaping up to be a stampede-of-sorts out of U.S. energy stocks.
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Frances Horodelski
Nov 27 2014

OPEC, Thanksgiving and Jimi Hendrix

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
Excuse me while I kiss the sky – Happy Birthday Jimi!!!!
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Frances Horodelski
Nov 26 2014

Likely quiet day ahead of Thanksgiving

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
Today will likely be a quiet day in advance of tomorrow’s U.S. Thanksgiving holiday (and tomorrow’s official OPEC meeting). The markets close early today (1 pm) in New York. The TSX will be open all day long.
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Frances Horodelski
Nov 25 2014

Traders watching overseas markets

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
This morning, the traders are watching overseas markets: Generally green including Shanghai and Shenzhen both up more than 1% last night, Ferguson, Ontario Teachers’ and PSP’s purchase of Telesat for $7 billion, Tiffany’s has reported its results and Campbell Soup.
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Michael Hainsworth
Nov 24 2014

The big bat theory

By Michael Hainsworth, Anchor
In space, nobody can hear you play Dubstep. We’ll look at the singing emanating from the Rosetta Comet. Also scientists discover a new frog and immediately name it after Ozzy Osbourne.
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Larry Berman
Nov 24 2014

The Fed may not raise rates in 2015

By Larry Berman, Berman's Call
This week’s guest Lawrence G. McDonald was Vice President of Distressed Debt and Convertible Securities Trading at Lehman Brothers from 2004- 2008, when the house of cards came crashing down.
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Nov 24 2014

Chinese rate cut won't help economy

By Andrew McCreath, BNN Markets Commentator
Global stocks are higher after China has cut its interest rates, but BNN’s Andrew McCreath is adamant that the rate cut won’t do too much to help the economy.
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Frances Horodelski
Nov 24 2014

Energy stocks will bottom within weeks

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
Of course, I could be wrong, but I’m going to agree today with Raymond James. In a report today, the investment broker said that energy stocks are within weeks of bottoming regardless of what happens at OPEC. They like somewhat higher beta, less defensive companies in large cap such as Hess, Occidental and Chevron.
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