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Feb 08 2013

Canada's economy weakens in January

Three data points today paint a picture of a weakening Canadian economy - job losses and plunging housing starts in January, as well as declining imports in December. We will look at whether this is a speed bump before the economy regains momentum, or something that should be of greater concern to Mark Carney and Jim Flaherty.
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Feb 07 2013

The 'madness' of more Canadian refineries

A growing chorus of groups are eager to see Alberta's bitumen supply upgraded in Canada rather than sold in its raw form to foreign refiners. But at least one veteran analyst says building more Canadian refineries is madness, writes BNN's Western Correspondent Jameson Berkow.
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Feb 07 2013

Mark Carney takes centre stage in UK

Outgoing Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney testifies before the UK Treasury Select Committee ahead of taking the helm of the Bank of England. The length of his term, his pay and political ambitions are up for discussion.
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Amber Kanwar
Feb 06 2013

Don't get hung up on BlackBerry orders

By Amber Kanwar, Anchor, Reporter
When it comes to first day sales for BlackBerry's Z10, words like "sold out" and "record orders" may be technically accurate, but don't necessarily paint the whole picture.
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Jameson Berkow
Feb 05 2013

The Canadian disadvantage

By Jameson Berkow, Western Correspondent
M&A battles can be tough enough when rivals target the same company. But what if a potential suitor has to deal with unbalanced tax laws that give favorable treatment to its competitor? BNN's Western Correspondent Jameson Berkow explains.
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Feb 04 2013

Learning how to manage your money

As BNN kicks off Your Money Month, Larry Berman gives some insight on when investors should manage their own money and when they should seek professional advice.
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Feb 04 2013

Blogging about flogging

Headline anchor Howard Green took a turn on the other side of the microphone during his book tour for Banking on America: How TD Bank Rose to the Top and Took on the USA.
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Feb 01 2013

South Korea: A re-emerging market

You'd have to have been buried under a rock since last summer not to know Gangnam Style- the video by Korean Pop artist PSY. It went viral to become the most viewed video on YouTube. And much like pop music, there are 'fads' when it comes to investing in countries. And right now, South Korea is hot. Really hot, writes Headline Chase Producer Zena Olijnyk.
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