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Mar 22 2013

A song and dance on investor activism

INSIDE THE CHASE: Shareholder activism can literally be a song and dance routine at times. BNN Chase Producer Zena Olijnyk explains.
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Mar 22 2013

Stickhandling around the budget

BNN continues its analysis of Budget 2013 while following the latest developments in Cyprus.
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Mar 21 2013

Wall-to-wall budget coverage on BNN

Jim Flaherty will present his budget in the House of Commons at approximately 4PM ET, and we'll have it covered from pillar to post.
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Mar 20 2013

Stock selection more important this year: AGF

Is it a market of stocks or a stock market? According to the portfolio manager of the AGF Traditional Income Fund, the short answer: “it depends!”
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Mar 20 2013

Flaherty throws cold water on mortgage war

With a policy statement due from the Federal Reserve today, a federal budget in Canada tomorrow, a Finance Minister who tells lenders what to charge customers and an earnings miss from FedEx, tiny Cyprus may have lost its status as BNN's top story.
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Mark Bunting
Mar 19 2013

Can ARM keep growing?

By Mark Bunting, Anchor, Reporter
ARM Holding’s sales have quintupled since 2001. Its operating profit has surged by eight times during the same period. And the stock? It’s soared over 1500 percent since 2003.
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Mar 19 2013

Black: Kitimat Refinery Has 'Economic Merit'

Paul Smith, BNN chase producer
British Columbia billionaire David Black is getting his ducks in order for his multi-billion dollar oil refinery in Kitimat. Now that a review by the B.C. government has stated the proposal has “economic merit,” Black can continue to secure financing and prepare for an environmental assessment.
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Mar 19 2013

Rona nabs Metro exec for CEO job

RONA has found its new Chief Executive Officer. Robert Sawyer is taking the job after spending 33 years at Metro - most recently as COO.
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