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Nov 21 2012

Fisher pegs U.S. recession at 30%

INSIDE THE CHASE: What's the chance of another U.S. recession if the fiscal cliff crisis isn't solved? According to Blackrock's senior managing director Peter Fisher, it's about 30 percent.
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Nov 21 2012

The waiting game continues in Greece

Euro zone finance ministers concluded their talks without an agreement on delivering the next bailout tranche to Athens, while Greek PM is running short on patience.
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Nov 20 2012

Fiscal GDP boost a thing of the past

Economists worry that the days when government spending helped to boost GDP growth in Canada are over.
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Nov 19 2012

Long road ahead for Astral's Greenberg

INSIDE THE CHASE: Astral President and CEO Ian Greenberg admits it will be a long haul to ensure a second takeover attempt of the company by BCE is successful.
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Jameson Berkow
Nov 19 2012

Can Scott Dawson save Poseidon?

By Jameson Berkow, Western Correspondent
Jameson Berkow takes a look at whether Poseidon Concepts CEO Scott Dawson is the man to save the company.
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Larry Berman
Nov 19 2012

What's the best technical indicator

By Larry Berman, Berman's Call
Larry Berman talks about his favourite indicator.
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Nov 16 2012

Not your grandpa's Chevy

INSIDE THE CHASE: With Tesla, the California-based electric car manufacturer, opening its first store in Canada, BNN got a taste of what it's like to drive what the company calls the car of the future.
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Jameson Berkow
Nov 15 2012

Energy slowdown hits Poseidon

By Jameson Berkow, Western Correspondent
It looks like the problems plaguing Poseidon Concepts (PSN-T) may be part of a wider slowdown hitting Canada’s oil services sector.
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