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Michael Kane
Sep 04 2015

Jobs day

By Michael Kane, Anchor
The Canadian dollar turned around and headed higher – albeit temporarily – on news of a surprise net gain of 12,000 jobs last month. August is typically a soft month for job creation but today's Labour Force Survey report suggests a lot of people who were working part-time were taken on full-time, which economists see as a reassuring thing.
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Michael Kane
Aug 26 2015

Blowin’ in the wind: Vortex Bladeless rethinks turbines with innovative design

By Michael Kane, Anchor
The inventors at a company called Vortex Bladeless have started crowdfunding drives to test prototypes in India and elsewhere. They even envision smaller generators that can help power your home.
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Michael Kane
Aug 13 2015

Let me Un-Google that for you

By Michael Kane, Anchor
The deconstruction and reconstruction of Google Incorporated made me smile. I smiled at how much surprise there was. I didn’t predict it coming either, but if you saw my report the next morning on CTV’s Canada Am program, you understand that there was no bewilderment on my part.
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Michael Kane
Jul 29 2015

Bombardier not in talks with Siemens A-G

By Michael Kane, Anchor
Bombardier is denying a Wall Street Journal report that the company is talking to the German engineering Siemens A-G about a partial merger. When asked by BNN, a Bombardier spokesperson said: "There are no discussions with Siemens about a possible merger of the rail units".
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Michael Kane
Jul 27 2015

To beer or not to beer

By Michael Kane, Anchor
Unaware that the term “hipster” had resurfaced in my life, until a currently-popular performer mocked them in one of her songs, one of my colleagues brought me up to date. Among the interesting marketing angles, my friend - a self-described hipster - told me that Pabst Blue Ribbon is a beer of choice for this consumer niche.
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Michael Kane
Jul 10 2015

Can Greece keep it together?

By Michael Kane, Anchor
Stock markets are higher today as investors seem to feel that Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras is going to keep the European Union together.
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Michael Kane
Jul 09 2015

No consensus on Greece

By Michael Kane, Anchor
There is no consensus—and after Greece's plan is officially presented tomorrow, EU leaders will announce what they think on Sunday just before the financial markets re-open for the week.
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Michael Kane
Jul 08 2015

Investor panic takes hold in China

By Michael Kane, Anchor
The investment community is scratching its head over what is happening in China's financial markets. Stocks have plunged 30% since mid-June and taken commodities prices down as well.
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