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Frances Horodelski
Apr 17 2012

Johnson & Johnson's lost decade

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
Shares of Johnson & Johnson have experienced a 'lost decade'.
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Larry Berman
Apr 16 2012

European debt issues flare up

By Larry Berman, Berman's Call
Stress in European bond markets is heating up again, led by Spain, Italy, and Portugal. The debt problems are simply unmanageable without massive defaults and restructuring.
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Apr 13 2012

Higher interest rates looming

Linda Nazareth examines the factors that may prompt the Bank of Canada to raise interest rates this year. 
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Apr 13 2012

Economic growth slows in China

China's economy expanded in the first three months of this year at its slowest pace since 2009.
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Apr 12 2012

Natural gas prices sink lower

It's time for a comprehensive review of the short and long-term fallout from sub-$2 natural gas.
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Niall McGee
Apr 11 2012

Traders burned on the euro

By Niall McGee, Reporter
Sebastien Galy, senior currency strategist with Societe Generale in New York, says the euro has been one of the hardest currencies to predict and trade this year.
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Frances Horodelski
Apr 11 2012

Is monetary policy behind big tech deals?

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
Is loose monetary policy by the global central banks supporting the takeover frenzy in the tech space?
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Michael Kane
Apr 11 2012

Analysts’ lame coverage of Alcoa

By Michael Kane, Anchor
Since analysts were uniformly wrong in their forecasts for Aloca's first quarter earnings, BNN's Michael Kane asks: should we be taking their opinions seriously?
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