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Dec 05 2014

Jobs Friday surprise

By Greg Bonnell, Reporter
Jobs Friday is a surprise on both sides of the border, a downside one for us and big upside swing for the Americans.
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Larry Berman
Nov 17 2014

Having a plan reduces investment anxiety

By Larry Berman, Berman's Call
Sub-par performance typically hails from a poor investment process. That means that you typically do not have an investment plan, you do not understand how to diversify, you do not know how to take a loss, and a number of other biases all investors (including me and all professionals) face.
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Nov 12 2014

Loblaw is a cash flow machine

By Andrew McCreath, BNN Markets Commentator
Andrew McCreath owns Loblaw shares in his hedge fund and says Canada’s largest grocer is a cash flow machine
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Michael Hainsworth
Nov 07 2014

Live on location: Toronto Record Show

By Michael Hainsworth, Anchor
We’re live on location at the Toronto Downtown Record Show and Alan broke the bank. We’ll look at why the industry needs a global music release day. And look into Trent Reznor’s secret project at Apple. iPods are helping dementia patients — here comes the science! And now that Hallowe'en is behind us, the Christmas music has begun. Why it’s all about the money... Plus a Geeks & Beats update on the platinum record of the year, and why you might soon be paying for cat videos
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Michael Kane
Nov 03 2014

Interesting endorsement for BlackBerry

By Michael Kane, Anchor
There are political discussions going on in Germany that have strong implications for BlackBerry.
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Michael Kane
Oct 27 2014

A quick word on Hazel McCallion

By Michael Kane, Anchor
This is election day in many municipalities and may be the appropriate day to acknowledge the work of Hazel McCallion. She was born on Valentine's Day 93 years ago – and has been the heart of the city of Mississauga, Ontario serving an unprecedented 12 terms in office.
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Oct 23 2014

'Thickened' U.S-Canada border could hurt economy

By Greg Bonnell, Reporter
The shootings in Ottawa are raising questions about whether the U.S. could further tighten border security over broader concerns about the rise of the Islamic State.
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Frances Horodelski
Oct 23 2014

Eyes on Ottawa

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
Today we’ll focus on analysis and follow-up with respect to yesterday’s events in Ottawa. We’ll focus on the costs and economic implications of the potential for rising risks associated with Canada being a target internally or externally for radicalized individuals.
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