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My ‘Aha’ moment of the week

Every day we ask a news-related question and show the results the next morning.

Ahead of the Research In Motion's annual shareholders' meeting, we wanted to know if changes should be made that might lead to a rebound in RIM's share price.

When I asked the question on the sidewalk of University Avenue in downtown Toronto, one man told me RIM needs a CST - a Chief Story Teller.

On our Streetalk feature we don't ask the names of people giving us their opinions but I wish I could identify this guy because he told a great story.

This gentleman - a BlackBerry clipped to his belt - told me the success of Apple Inc. can be traced to the "storytelling" of co-founder Steve Jobs.

His words caught me.

The technologies of both Apple and RIM are top-drawer.

But when Jobs unveils a handheld communication device, he stands on stage and shows the audience how it will change a person's life. He sends waves about his faith in the technology that he helped create. He is personable and convinces people he is - and this is the big thing - inspired by what he has created.

The man I was interviewing on the street suggested RIM's co-founders are colder and more business-like. He said if RIM is trying to expand beyond corporate customers, it must know how to connect with consumers. He was of the opinion that RIM is not accomplishing this.

Chief Story Teller.

Thanks, man. Good advice. Perhaps not just for companies, but for all of us.


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