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Wealth vs. Walsh

Just a short blog to share an observation made during a recent conversation behind the scenes in the BNN Newsroom.

I felt a tap on the shoulder and turned around to find The Wealthy Barber author David Chilton standing there. It had been a year or two since I'd seen him so we chatted for a few minutes about the latest edition, for which he was doing a publicity tour. I told him - and this is the absolute truth - every person I've ever met who has read his book, loves it.

He aw shucksed me a bit, but was grateful for the compliment. David said he was fortunate to have one good idea in his life and felt lucky that it came to him while he was young.

I told him I see his experience as a variation of the one had by Joe Walsh. A quirky musician, his biggest hit song was called Rocky Mountain Way. Walsh once quipped that if he'd thought he'd be best-known for having written Rocky Mountain Way, he would have written a better song.

David Chilton clearly got it right when he wrote The Wealthy Barber.

Personally, I can't do endorsements but I doubt that the 2 million people who bought a copy have been disappointed.


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