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Gartman, Ignatieff and more


So, you've probably heard that I'll be hosting Business Day AM alone today. No, no, it's OK. I'm OK. You were gonna hear about it eventually. I mean, Frances and I are adults and agreed a long time ago to host other shows - if it felt right and no one got hurt, that is. Anyhow, she'll host Market Sense later today, which is fine. It is. I'm totally cool with that. Hey, I'm not gonna lie to you: I've hosted The Business News a few times myself, and even though I normally don't host and tell, I've been on Headline a time or two, as well. So, yeah, I've been around, but I guess the shoe is on the other foot this time. Anyhow, we're all adults here, right? Am I right? So let's move on… I know I am. And Frances' "decision" today means I can make a few of my own. Like A.) The show's theme song today is Ride On from AC/DC's Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and B.) We'll ask the tough questions that really matter, such as F1 or Nascar?

- A few token U.S. investors will arrive at work today to turn the lights on then doze uncomfortably through the consequences of too much Pabst Blue Ribbon, 'affordable' white wine, Maker's Mark bourbon and that third helping of everything that was left on the table before shuffling out the door at 1:00 pm Eastern, punch drunk but game for round 2. Expect U.S. markets to be quiet in the absence of U.S. economic and corporate data and the desire to get any work done.

- In Canada, we do have a bit of economic data to digest; the consumer price index for October is due out at 8:30 am Eastern and is expected to show prices paid by Canadian shoppers continue to rise at a pace below the Bank of Canada's long-term target. The index is seen rising 1.1 percent in the month from the same month a year earlier. Stripping out various items, the so-called core index is expected to rise 1.2 percent in the month from a year ago. If nothing else, the data will provide a reminder that the Bank of Canada has room to cut rates if the global economy worsens and Canada needs a bit of a goosing.

- Canada's premiers are meeting in Halifax today with no fixed agenda, or rather, no published agenda. It is likely that the issue of shipping oil from Alberta to Quebec will be debated, transfer payments, shifting demographics… all sorts of stuff. Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney will address the group today while Prime Minister Stephen Harper has decided, again, to sit this one out. Obviously, he has never been to Halifax for a premiers' meeting and is unaware of just how much can be accomplished over pints at The Lower Deck before the first bars of Barrett's Privateers are belted out. And this year, the premiers were going to give him the last stanza: "God damn them all!/I was told we'd cruise the seas for American gold/We'd fire no guns, shed no tears/ Now I'm a broken man on a Halifax peer/The last of Barrett's Privateers!" Instead, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall gets the honours even though he is phoning in "from away." Sociable! Joining us this afternoon are Premiers Darrell Dexter of Nova Scotia, Greg Selinger of Manitoba and Wall of Saskatchewan.

- I had the chance to sit down yesterday with former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. I asked him about the kafuffle over David McGuinty's claim that Alberta politicians are nothing but shills for the oil industry and should stay out of national politics, whether Justin Trudeau would make a capable leader of what has become Canada's third political party, and why we need a national energy policy. Ignatieff prefers a cap on some foreign investment in Canadian oil companies even as he acknowledges the need for more foreign capital. I also ask him Stamps or Argos. Our conversation begins at 10:50 am Eastern.

- Bulldozing their way to the front of the news agenda today are millions of U.S. shoppers, who, fortified with a pound or so of undigested turkey meat, sugary cranberry sauce and biscuits of various hardness, are trundling back and forth down thousands of aisles all over the U.S. in search of a true bargain, whether they need the product or not. The Music from 50 Shades of Grey?? At $7.50, you'd be crazy not to buy! BMO argues that Black Friday will leech some $5 billion in sales away from Canadian retailers as Canucks shop south of the border or online. That's a big number.

- On the Marty Cej Show - I mean Business Day - I'll sit down with Dennis Gartman to go through his Twenty Rules of Trading for 2012 at 10:45 am Eastern. Naturally, I will ask him which is superior: three-down football or four-down football.

- I'll also chat at 11:00 am with Chris Rudge, Chairman and CEO of the 100th Grey Cup Festival Committee and CEO of the Argonauts. He seems to be the right guy, at this stage in the festivities, to talk hangover cures. Vinny Catalano, President at Blue Marble Capital Management, will talk U.S. equity strategy at 10:35 am and will address the timeless debate of Speyside vs. Islay. John Stoltzfus, chief market strategist at Oppenheimer & Co. will go through a list of the five people you shouldn't play flag football with on Thanksgiving.

- Yep, I think that's all the tough questions tackled today. If you have a manly-man question you need answered on Business Day am, tweet me your conundrum at @martycej.

- Oh, and differences of opinion and accent led German Chancellor Angela Merkel to rule out an accord on the European Union's next seven year-budget until next year. Shocker.

- Now, Let There Be Rock.

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