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Holiday gadget gift guide

With only a few days until Christmas, Howard Green and I took a look at the must-have tech gadgets that should be on everyone's Christmas list.

  1. Parrot AR Drone ($350 Best Buy): Designed for the iPhone, this remote-controlled flying quadrocopter is controlled using the touchscreen on your phone. It has an autopilot mode, allowing it to hover by itself, and two video cameras that send their feed to your phone's screen. You can even download games for it from iTunes.
  2. The Phone Watch ($130 Efston Science): Just pop your SIM card into the side of this wrist watch and you can use it like a phone. Press the numbers of the clock face to dial, speak and listen. Lights up in use, speaks out your selections, and includes a hands-free. Dick Tracy would approve. 
  3. Toshiba Libretto W100 ($1,100): Imagine a laptop where they keyboard has been replaced by a touchscreen. That's the Libretto, pocket-sized with TWO 7" touchscreens. The bottom screen can change into a variety of virtual keyboard while you can drag programs from the top to the bottom with multi-touch controls. Turn the whole thing sideways to put it into a book mode for eBooks.
  4. Bone Collectible Drivers ($30 Black's Photography): Cute, adorable, these USB drive characters are definitely not your usual thumb drives. Penguins, ninjas, dinosaurs, they are sculpted with detail and made from washable, biodegradeable silicon. 
  5. iWatchz Strap ($30 Best Buy): With this accessory you can transform your new iPod nano into a fashionable wrsitwatch. Just clip your nano into place and use the touchscreen to pull up Apple's built-in clock mode for an elegant, back-lit watch. Yes, you can still listen to music, view photos, and even listen to the AM radio.
  6. TomTom GPS 2405 TM ($300): Now equipped with a proper touchscreen, meaning "pinch and zoom" and "swipe" multi-touch controls, higher resolution imagery, larger display at 4.3" and real glass. This gives the GPS the kind of usability we've come to expect from smartphones. Includes TomTom's constant map updates and route info from user feedback.

Kris Abel is CTV's Technology Specialist and a frequent guest on Headline with Howard Green. For more visit his website. CTV Two CTV News CTV News Channel BNN - Business News Network CP24