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How investors can tap into China’s growth

The growth of the Chinese economy—now the second largest in the world—is often used to explain the rise in prices of everything from commodities to energy. And it’s this growth that has attracted investors to the Asian giant.

Francis Chung, Regional Head at HSBC Global Asset Management talks to BNN about what kinds of strategies investors should pursue if they want to tap into the country’s blistering pace of economic growth.

“If you want China exposure the best way to get it is through companies directly involved in China,” he says. “The local knowledge is the competitive advantage they have there.”

Chung also says investors should look beyond benchmark indexes in China in order to tap into that growth.

“The secular growth story that everyone talks about—consumption, energy, material—does not show up in the index…within the mid and small cap sector you get a lot more of that exposure,” he says.

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