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The case against fracking

The Quebec government's recent announcement of a two-year moratorium on the controversial method of natural gas extraction known as "fracking" is the latest setback for the industry. Josh Fox, writer and director of the Oscar-nominated film Gasland, tells BNN the moratorium is the latest example of people across the United States and Canada taking a stand against fracking.

“People are rising up and saying we don’t want this kind of energy and we don’t want to have this type of risk—we don’t want to live in an industrial drilling zone,” he says.

Fox also says that natural gas—often touted as a clean form of energy and one that would free North America from its dependence on imported energy supplies—carries its own risks.

“There are certain things which make fracking just as dangerous as these other situations [energy supplies] and that is the risk of the permanent toxicification of the water supply,” he says. CTV Two CTV News CTV News Channel BNN - Business News Network CP24