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Tapping into Asia’s growth

The rise of China’s economy and an emerging middle class has impacted everything from commodity prices to Treasury yields. Jim Awad, managing director at Zephyr Management, talks to BNN about why investors should be looking to tap into the blistering pace of growth in China and other Asian economies.

“The long term story is a region that continues to accumulate tremendous financial wealth at both the sovereign and private sector,” he says. “You’ve got a developing middle class, you’ve got positive demographics, growing wealth and demand for consumer goods, growing infrastructure construction and buildout and continued growth of trading with each other.”

As for how investors should react, Awad says: “You want companies that benefit from rising demand for toothpaste and cars and technology and financial wealth planning in those markets.”

“We like finance, consumer discretionary and information technology, those are all areas of growing demand in Asian markets,” he adds. CTV Two CTV News CTV News Channel BNN - Business News Network CP24