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Google: where to next?

Google has become such an integral part of modern life that it’s now become a verb—to “google” something. But the company has recently been criticized that it’s facing a mid-life crisis, where it doesn’t seem to be happy with doing what it does best and has dipped its toes into an array of new ventures.

Steven Levy, author of "In the Plex" talks to BNN about internet search giant’s successes, but also its failures.

“The one nut they have not been able to turn is the social aspect,” he says. “Google didn’t think it was all that important over the years, but Facebook showed that the information that people share on a social site like Facebook is really valuable and is something Google has to have in order to keep serving its users.”

“Larry Page dictated that people’s bonuses next year would depend on how well Google did on tackling the social problem,” he adds.

As for Google’s overall visions, Levy says it’s endless.

“There’s no end to its ambition. It wants to use computer technology in any place it can possibly be used,” he says. “What it’s really after is to use the tools of technology to go where people haven’t gone before. The search engine itself is almost a learning system.”
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