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Move over SIRI...Enter thought-controlled computing

Did your heart skip a beat when you first met SIRI? Don’t get too attached -- there’s a new kid in town.

InterAxon, a Toronto-based company, has been working on a thought-recognition technology that lets users control applications on their computer, smartphone or tablet simply by thinking it.

InterAxon is about to introduce its first consumer product, the “Muse”, a headband that reads and analyzes your brainwaves, and translates them into commands for computing devices.

It all sounded like science fiction to me, until I put on the “Muse” and saw my brainwaves flicker with every blink of my eye on my iPhone. And would I like to be able to pour a cold beverage from a beer tap just by putting your mind to it, the developers asked? I did just that. Don’t believe it? Then watch this interview.

The “Muse” is currently in prototype phase and InterAxon is planning on its delivering the finished product in Spring ’13. To learn more about the “Muse”, click here. CTV Two CTV News CTV News Channel BNN - Business News Network CP24