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Sprott expands its horizons: CEO

Tags: Sprott Inc.

Long-time contrarian investors at Sprott (SII-T) have highlighted Europe's sovereign debt crisis and aggressive policy by central banks as reasons why the company continues to be bullish on gold. But after a terrible 2011 for the company's stock price, Sprott is beginning to expand its horizons.

"Our long-term viewpoint hasn't changed. We're still very worried about the sovereign situations around the world and we're still positioned much more on the defensive side, from that perspective," Peter Grosskopf, CEO at Sprott, tells BNN. "But we are increasingly being asked by our clients to go into more conventional equity and bond areas."

"We're trying to spread our wings a bit," he adds. "We still have a huge percentage of our assets involved in precious metals, we still believe that's the place to be, but we are picking up other areas as we go along." CTV Two CTV News CTV News Channel BNN - Business News Network CP24