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The 2014 Canadian Innovation Exchange top 20 companies

Tags: Technology
The 2014 CIX Top 20 is a showcase of the hottest, most innovative Canadian companies in ICT and Digital Media. Companies are chosen by a selection committee of professionals in the finance and technology industries.

Askuity Inc – Toronto

Askuity is a cross-retailer big data analytics platform that connects retailers and product manufacturers with insight and information, enabling better collaboration, planning and retail execution. Accessible in the cloud from any device, at any time, Askuity combines automated data sharing with easy-to-use, powerful analytics tools and mobile technology to drive better sales, marketing and supply chain outcomes.

Bridgit Inc – Kitchener

Closeout by Bridgit is a mobile-first SaaS solution, targeted to general contractors, for managing deficiencies and punch lists on medium to large scale construction projects. Using the Closeout mobile/ tablet app (iOS, Android, Blackberry), general contractors can quickly record deficiencies, tag all relevant information such as location and due date and assign the items to the responsible subcontractor.

ChargeSpot Wireless Power – Toronto

ChargeSpot help hotels and restaurant chains install and manage a network of wireless charging spots. Think Meraki for wireless power. ChargeSpot’s hardware is inexpensive, aesthetic, and installs easily on the surface or underside of tables. The software manages these charging spots and enables each one to deliver targeted marketing/content to the devices being charged.

Cirius Messaging Inc – Vancouver

Cirius Messaging Inc. is a fast-growing team of security professionals driven to make corporate secure messaging easier and more accessible for all companies. Cirius offers a cloud based secure email and file sharing solution designed to simplify security for SMB’s and to complement any email solution, whether it be Exchange, O365, Gmail or Yahoo.

Figure 1 – Toronto
Figure 1 is a mobile-first network of healthcare professionals who use it to share and discuss medical images and other content. All of this is accomplished in line with government and hospital privacy and ethics requirements. Figure 1 eliminates information silos and makes collaboration and informal continuing medical education rapid, accessible, and comprehensive.

Flixel Photos Inc – Toronto

Flixel makes it easy for photographers and advertisers to create and distribute living photos. In minutes, users can create via Flixel’s suite of tools and upload their work through its hosting and distribution solution. This ensures an easy and practical way for our customers to engage, entertain and monetize their clients.

FusionPipe Software Solutions – Vancouver

FusionPipe is an enterprise applications solutions company that provides world-class, virtually unbreakable and secure mobile data security solutions for enterprises. FusionPipe's patent pending QuikSafe™ technology provides password-less authentication and hyper encryption solutions using a proprietary Secure Communication Channel over Bluetooth Smart for advanced security for Mobile devices (now) and PC's and networks (future).

Gallop Labs – Toronto

Gallop is a data science driven prescriptive mobile marketing engine that allows marketers to intelligently acquire, engage, and retain the users needed to maximize app monetization. We make it possible to effectively turn data into actionable insights at the individual level and then transform these insights into anticipatory intelligence optimized in real time to provide customers with personalized, relevant, and value added experiences at the moment of need.

GridCure – Toronto

GridCure brings the concepts and practices of big data to the power utility space. With 2 billion people globally to be using smart meters by 2025, GridCure looks to be the simple, off-the-shelf analytics package to allow utilities to do more than simply bill customers for the power they use. The team is currently conducting a pilot on the most advanced smart-grid in North America with utility partner EPB's 175,000 smart meters.

GuestDriven – Montreal

GuestDriven helps hospitality brands build guest engagement, loyalty and drive advocacy. GuestDriven is able to do this through our mobile platform, which provides deeper insights into guest preferences and behaviour in real-time, along with an integrated suite of tools for guest insight, targeted campaigns and guest interactions at each and every stage of travel.

InteraXon – Toronto

InteraXon is a brain sensing technology company that builds innovative solutions, products and experiences using a brain-computer interface (BCI). The company's signature product is Muse, a brain-sensing headband that detects and measures a user’s brain’s activity during specially developed training sessions, which launched in summer 2014.

MightyCast – Montreal

Mighty Cast connects physical collectible objects to the cloud in a bi-directional fashion through its patent-pending “Base and Token” technology. The company’s first product is the world’s first modular wearable called The NEX Band. The goal of The NEX Band is to disrupt the wearable space and give power to the consumer to customize their smart bands both on the inside and out at a fraction of the cost through the company's NEX collectible "Mods."

Mnubo – Montreal

Mnubo provides Big Data and analytics to the Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine space by enabling ‘connected things’ to become ‘smart objects’. Mnubo’s focus is to help extract value from sensor data by delivering advanced analytics, strategic insights, and enabling richer applications, using their open, easy-to-use cloud platform.

PostBeyond – Toronto

PostBeyond creates an enterprise-grade library of approved social media content that enables Hyper-Adoption of social media communication in select groups of employees or across the entire workforce. Employees link their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts to PostBeyond to easily share what they want, when they want and on the networks they want.

RosterBot – Vancouver

RosterBot is a group scheduling, notification, and RSVP management service for teams. RosterBot enables those responsible for organizing recreational and amateur sports teams to largely “set it and forget it”, while it takes over the infuriating and often time consuming task of inviting and managing replies from players to their recurring schedule of events.

Sightline Innovation – Toronto

Sightline’s current focus is the productization of their machine learning platform to revolutionize verification and quality control in the automotive industry. Their first product is called “VtiS Verify” which uses Internet-of-things connectivity to the CPE and simulates human perception of both imagery and industrial automation data.

Vantage Analytics Inc – Toronto

Vantage Analytics helps mid-sized bricks-and-mortar and online retailers to turn their data into insight, and their insight into action. Vantage allows growing companies to scale by removing the need to find, manage, and pay for expensive data specialists or costly analytical infrastructure.

ViewsIQ Inc – Richmond BC

ViewsIQ digitizes patient samples microscopically to disrupt pathology and laboratory medicine, the last remaining medical field yet to have gone digital. With ViewsIQ's proprietary image processing technology, the laboratory clinician creates real-time "Google map-like" scans and videos at different magnifications and focuses.

VitalSines – Vancouver

VitalSines recently soft launched their first product the iHeart Physiological Age Monitor, which measures aortic stiffness, a proven predictor of cardiovascular disease and death from all causes. The device connects via bluetooth to the user's smartphone or tablet and is provided with immediate results after a 30-second non-invasive test.

WealthSimple – Toronto

Wealthsimple is a disruptive investment manager that uses technology to make investing easy, transparent, and low-cost. Wealthsimple's online platform enables Canadians to invest in a sophisticated portfolio customized for their risk tolerance — the first of its kind in Canada. CTV Two CTV News CTV News Channel BNN - Business News Network CP24