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Morning rave craze comes to Canada

They say there are two types of people: early risers and night owls. To the latter, the idea of waking up at 6 a.m. is a dreadful concept. But a global trend is beginning to initiate more and more night owls into the camp of early risers, and help them become healthier, more positive and maybe even grab a few new contacts along the way.

That trend is the morning rave, also known as ‘conscious clubbing.’ Partygoers go to a nightclub type venue, but instead of alcohol, they drink fresh juice, enjoy a healthy breakfast, and sip on coffee or tea before starting their day. Yoga, music and dancing feature heavily, creating an environment that stimulates and energizes participants before their work day.

The first morning rave was organized in London, U.K. in 2013. Since then, morning dance parties have been held in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Austin, and Singapore. Now the trend has landed in Canada.

Julian Brass and Alex Boyman are two organizers behind one Toronto-based event, called WeRise. Their first event saw more than 100 participants.

“We started with yoga and the room was full front to back,” said Boyman, who is the founder of fitness company, WellWellWell. “It turned quickly into an amazing dance party with music and costumes.” founder Brass says the unique environment creates a rave-style sense of community that’s “all about collaboration, having fun, and sharing energy.”

Aside from feeling energized and making new friends, the career-minded might also find an unexpected benefit – networking opportunities.

“The way we see it, health and wellness is an incredibly massive movement, but people attack [it] on their own, or maybe go to a class — but it doesn’t get socialized like nightlife does. This is something where you can bring that networking opportunity, a chance to meet people,” said Boyman.

“We love to spin, but next time you’re counting down from 10 to 1, riding as fast as you can, you can’t really turn to your neighbor and say, ‘Hey man, what do you do for a living?’” said Brass. “Probably not going to work out in your favour!”

Brass and Boyman plan to hold events regularly and even expand to other cities across Canada, including Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary. They’re confident their version of the morning rave will continue to grow.

“People want to feel like they’re a part of something,” said Brass. “As long as we keep that momentum going, and give something that [people] can go to their office with, and have a smile on their face and feel amazing, then it’s going to grow itself.” CTV Two CTV News CTV News Channel BNN - Business News Network CP24