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News Tagged By: European Central Bank (ECB)

Euro zone welcomes new Greek debt proposals, more work to do
Euro zone finance ministers welcomed new Greek proposals for a cash-for-reform deal on Monday but said they required detailed study and it would take several days to determine whether they can lead to an agreement to avert a default.
Posted on 6-22-2015 at 10:00 AM
Closing Report: Nasdaq at record as Wall St runs on strong data; Greece eyed
The Nasdaq Composite on Thursday erased its last standing milestone from the dot-com era as it set a record intraday high, with stocks on Wall Street in rally mode boosted by strong economic data.
Posted on 6-18-2015 at 5:05 PM
Greek central bank issues 'Grexit' warning if aid talks fail
The ongoing crisis has prompted an outflow of deposits of about 30 billion euros ($33.84 billion) from Greek lenders between October and April, the central bank said.
Posted on 6-17-2015 at 7:36 AM
EU preparing for 'state of emergency' after Greek talks collapse
Athens has just two weeks to find a way out of the impasse before it faces a 1.6B euro bill due to the IMF, potentially leaving it out of cash, unable to borrow and cast out of the single currency.
Posted on 6-15-2015 at 7:28 AM
Draghi economy fails to stoke cash machine for Europe stocks
Under Mario Draghi's stimulus, it looks as though Europe's economy is expanding, profits rising, and the market is up. And yet the proportion of income companies are poised to return to shareholders in 2015 will probably be the lowest in five years.
Posted on 6-09-2015 at 7:26 AM
Greek PM rejects 'absurd' proposal from lenders
Athens delayed a 300 million euro payment to the International Monetary Fund on Friday and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras spurned an "absurd" proposal from lenders in the impasse that threatens to push Greece into bankruptcy and out of the euro.
Posted on 6-05-2015 at 7:12 AM
What Sweden can learn from Canada about central banking
It turns out the Canadians might also have a thing or two to teach their eternal Scandinavian hockey rivals in the field of central banking.
Posted on 6-04-2015 at 9:29 AM
Draghi's commitment to QE in focus as Greece deadline looms
The topic of Greece may be difficult to discuss as Mario Draghi keeps his focus on qualitative easing.
Posted on 6-03-2015 at 8:00 AM
ECB's Draghi calls for reform, points to Europe's modest prospects
The president of the European Central Bank reiterated his call on Friday for euro zone countries to reform their economies, warning that future growth would remain modest.
Posted on 5-22-2015 at 6:36 AM
Morning Markets: Euro, bond yields tumble as ECB hints at faster pre-summer buying
World stocks were already testing all-time highs after another jump in Chinese stocks and a record close on Wall Street, and European markets shot up after top ECB policymaker Benoit Coeure talked of adjusting the bank's buying program.
Posted on 5-19-2015 at 6:00 AM
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