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Jerome Hass' top picks: Currency Exchange International, Guardian Capital-BMO pair trade

Top picks from Jerome Hass, Portfolio Manager, Lightwater Partners.

Posted on 4-17-2014 at 11:31 AM

Rick Stuchberry's top picks: Banco Santander, Starbucks, General Electric

Top picks from Rick Stuchberry, Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Richardson GMP.

Posted on 4-16-2014 at 4:03 PM

Flash Boys: Is the market rigged?

BLOG: Are stock markets rigged? That's the question at the heart of the best-selling new book by Michael Lewis, Flash Boys. It tracks the rise of high frequency trading (HFT), and how...

Posted on 4-15-2014 at 7:46 AM

BlackBerry is unhackable: Analyst

Peter Misek, Managing Director, Jefferies tells BNN why John Chen still has a long way to go to convince the market BlackBerry is on the right path.

Posted on 4-11-2014 at 5:26 PM

Martin Davies' top picks: Canyon Services Group, Whitecap Resources, Tourmaline Oil

Top picks from Martin Davies, Partner and Portfolio Manager, Brickburn Asset Management

Posted on 4-11-2014 at 5:22 PM

Energy Watch: Forgiveness, Jim Flaherty and energy income trusts

In the spring of 2007, Scott Saxberg almost died on his way to confront Jim Flaherty.

Posted on 4-11-2014 at 9:36 AM

Larry Summers warns low rates taking toll on global economy

As the world’s finance ministers and central bankers gather in Washington for International Monetary Fund meetings, Lawrence Summers is warning that medium-term prospects for the global...

Posted on 4-10-2014 at 5:21 PM

Energy Watch: Canada's natural gas revival has arrived

ANALYSIS: Has Canada’s natural gas revival arrived? The question has been asked before, but now it seems all but certain the answer is yes.

Posted on 4-10-2014 at 9:34 AM

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