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1:00 pm ET
Brooke Thackray
Research Analyst, Horizons Investment Management

Focus: Technical Analysis & Seasonal Investing

BNN answers your questions about Technical Analysis & Seasonal Investing

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Guest Picks

  • May 05, 2016
    Brooke Thackray
    Research Analyst, Horizons Investment Management
    Technical Analysis & Seasonal Investing
    Top Picks:
  • May 04, 2016
    Michael Simpson
    Senior VP and Senior Portfolio Manager, Sentry Investments
    North American Dividend Stocks
    Top Picks:
  • May 03, 2016
    Gordon Reid
    President, Goodreid Investment Counsel
    U.S. Large Caps
    Top Picks:
  • May 02, 2016
    Norman Levine
    Managing Director, Portfolio Management Corp.
    North American Large Caps
    Top Picks:
  • April 29, 2016
    Don Lato
    President, Padlock Investment Management
    North American Equities
    Top Picks:

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