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Today on Market Sense

4:30 pm ET
Randy Cass and Catherine Murray
Hosts, BNN

Focus: Markets Breakdown

Breaks down the day’s top stories and provides viewers with insight into what is moving the markets.
4:45 pm ET
Michael Woolfolk
Senior Currency Strategist, Bank of New York Mellon

Focus: A World of Risk: How to Play International Markets Safely

With all the geopolitical risk out there, how can investors position themselves in the global markets? BNN takes a look with Michael Woolfolk, Managing director & Global Markets Strategist BNY Mellon.

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Catherine Murray
Catherine Murray
Randy Cass
Randy Cass
Host, Market Sense

Market Sense

Market Sense navigates the top news stories of the day and breaks them down to give viewers what they really need to know about what is moving the markets. Hosted by respected money market experts, Catherine Murray, and Randy Cass. With in-depth analysis, the hosts help investors look at stocks that are on the move, and how they can play them. Plus, interviews with top money managers from Canada and the United States will highlight trends that are emerging and focus in on new investing ideas. From the biggest moves of the day to ETFs to futures and technical analysis, everything is on the table.

Market Sense, weeknights 4:30 p.m. ET.

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