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Inside PDAC

  • The entrance to the PDAC 2013 trade show.
  • Panther T6 Track vehicle inside PDAC 2013.
  • Fossilized dinosaur poop from 70 million years ago, found in Madagascar. Also known as Caprolite. Type of dinosaur is unknown but believed to be from the smaller reptilian family.
  • Mud kit, also known as a drilling fluid kit from AMC Drilling Fluids & Products.
  • Loretta Wieting, owner of Traditional Miners' Lamps holding a brass safety lamp used for underground coal mining.
  • Women In Mining organization aimed at increasing the number of women in the sector, particularly in leadership roles. Photo of Melanie Sturk, Board of Directors for Women In Mining.
  • BNN's Andrew Bell interviews Teck Resources CEO Don Lindsay
  • Mineral samples from Afghanistan.
  • Tools to analyze core samples by 2iC Australia.
  • Paul Bagnell speaks with Michael Lowry, VP of Exploration, Sandvik Mining on top of the company's latest DE712 core drill.

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