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Federal Budget 2013 : News

Budget by the numbers

Will the federal government balance its books by 2015, as has been pledged? This graphic displays Canada's budget balances as the country's books moved from surpluses to deficits.


Canada's total federal debt was last projected to hit just under $610 billion for 2012. The Conservative government has pledged to balance the books by 2015 so Canada's debt doesn't grow down the road. This graphic displays the total amount of federal debt Canada has held since 2006.


This graphic illustrates how the federal government's revenue slid in 2008 -- at the start of the recession -- as expenses rose. Federal spending peaked in 2009-2010 as revenue hit a major low, creating a deficit. The Conservatives have pledged to change that by 2015.

*Data from the Department of Finance, Annual Fiscal Reports. The latest data available is from March 31, 2012, but numbers will be updated based on Thursday's federal budget.

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