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Alberta government forecasts record deficit as oil-price shock hits budget

Alberta is acknowledging its financial reality with the largest deficit the province has ever seen – and its economic downfall is far from over.
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Housing-affordability gap in Toronto, Vancouver widens
Canadian housing prices continued to soar in the second quarter of the year, eroding affordability for buyers even in the face of a falling dollar and weak economic growth.
Top Picks from Rick Stuchberry: Starbucks, Alibaba and General Electric
Top Picks from Rick Stuchberry, vice president & portfolio manager, Richardson GMP.
Canadian stocks cap worst month since September on growth fears
Canadian stocks slipped, capping the worst month of trading in nearly a year as concern that global growth will slow sank equities around the world.
Personal Investor: Stocks got you stressed? Relax with fixed income
It’s not easy telling retail investors they should always have a good chunk of their retirement savings in fixed income.
Top Picks from James Hodgins: Titanium Transportation, American Hotel Properties and Merus Labs
Top Picks from James Hodgins, Chief Investment Officer, Curvature Hedge Strategies.
China state media announce confessions in stock market investigations
Chinese state media announced a slew of confessions on Monday following investigations into dramatic stock market fluctuations, including from a reporter who said he had spread false information that had caused "panic and disorder".
Goldcorp struggling to find takeover targets that make sense: CEO
The Chief Executive Officer of Goldcorp says he's having a tough time making good on a common piece of wisdom for investors: buy low, sell high.
Canadian synthetic crude spikes on Syncrude fire, Nexen pipelines
Canadian Oil Sands, the biggest shareholder in the Syncrude oil sands project, said it halted production after a fire damaged its processing facility on Saturday, causing traders to scramble to secure temporarily short supply.
Pattie Lovett-Reid: How to recession-proof your life
So did Canada fall into a recession in the second quarter of this year? That question has been the source of heated discussion in recent weeks. On Tuesday, we’ll know for sure when Statistics Canada reveals gross domestic product for Q2.
Buying a home? This is what you can afford in Canada
Affordability declined during the second quarter in the two most expensive markets, Vancouver and Toronto, a report by Royal Bank says.
Why this Canadian portfolio manager is betting against Warren Buffett
Canadian portfolio manager John Stephenson says Warren Buffett is too late to the game when it comes to betting on refinery stocks.
BitGold app lets you buy gold as a savings alternative
The co-founder of BitGold says he created the app that links buyers to bullion dealers and storage companies because he wanted to make it easier for people to own gold as a hedge against inflation and as a store of value.
Canadian Transportation Agency to respond to stranded SkyGreece passengers
Passengers who were stranded by the demise of SkyGreece Airlines may get some idea today about how quickly a federal agency will deal with a complaint on their behalf.
Buying a home? This is what you can afford in Canada
Affordability declined during the second quarter in the two most expensive markets, Vancouver and Toronto, a report by Royal Bank says.
Presales lead Toronto condo boom in first half of year
Toronto’s condo sector is shaping up to have one of its strongest years on record, dispelling fears that Canada’s largest housing market is ripe for a correction.
Real Estate Watch: Getting rid of nightmare tenants
A landlord advocate says Toronto homeowners are facing a growing problem: Fake tenants who convert rented homes into illegal rooming houses.
Home prices to rise despite economic slowdown: Poll
Canadian home prices are set to rise a little over 5 percent this year and 2 percent in 2016 despite a slowdown in activity as the economy weakens, a Reuters poll found.
Housing market ‘collateral damage’ for BoC amid rate conundrum
Canada's housing market could be a sacrificial lamb for the Bank of Canada as it tries to bolster a flagging domestic economy, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch economist Emanuella Enenajor.
Cadillac Fairview sells 30% of TD Centre to Ontario Pension Board
Cadillac Fairview said it has agreed to sell a 30 percent stake in the Toronto-Dominion Centre office complex to the Ontario Pension Board, the companies said in a statement.
Real Estate Watch: RBC downplays chance of housing market crash
RBC Economics is shrugging off the prospects of a crash in the Canadian housing market even as some market watchers warn overvalued home prices could spell disaster for homeowners.
Economists caution against Harper’s focus on rising home-ownership rate
Stephen Harper is putting a new focus on Canada’s rising home-ownership rate, but some economists warn that pushing to drive it higher is a “wrong-headed” approach in an overheated market.
Analysts concerned by Canada's housing drop despite high listings
Canada’s housing market took a breather in July, as sales slipped from June and listings rose slightly across the country.
Tories attempt to woo first time home buyers
Canada’s household finances seem to have caught the attention of the major parties running in the upcoming Federal election.
NDP leader Mulcair sees 'serious danger' in Canada's housing market
Federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair said historically low mortgage rates are fueling mortgage growth, but stopped short of saying whether a New Democrat government would further tighten the market.
Toronto housing market faces high risk of correction: CMHC
Toronto’s housing market faces a high risk of a correction as soaring home prices this year have outstripped income growth even as the city is facing a rising supply of new condos, Canada’s federal housing agency warned Thursday.

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