Earlier this week, Amazon launched its own music streaming service in the United States, offering subscriptions for as low as US$3.99 per month to some customers, as part of the company’s continued effort to expand beyond its core online retail business.

But like many of Amazon’s other products, Canadians won’t be able to access the new service.   

“Amazon's go-slow Canadian strategy is, to a certain extent, based on timing,” technology analyst Carmi Levi told BNN.  

Levi said if licensing agreements make for a difficult business case, it could prevent the company from taking the “dive” into a new market at first.

“That doesn't necessarily mean [Amazon] is ignoring the market, or that there isn't demand north of the border for whatever that offering might be,” he added. “It simply means that right now, the numbers don't align. It doesn't mean that the conditions might not evolve at some future point in time.”

Amazon isn’t the first tech giant to keep its products out of Canada. Some of Google’s hardware devices, such as Google Voice, remain off-limits in this country.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the services and products Amazon has yet to bring to Canada:   

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The Kindle: Amazon’s e-reader first hit the U.S. market in November 2007. Since its initial launch, Amazon has released three additional editions of the product. It wasn't available in Canada until 2013. The most current model – Oasis – currently goes for about $400. 

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Amazon Echo: The Amazon Echo is a voice-activated home speaker that responds to the name Alexa. The product, similar to Google Home, was released in the U.S. in late 2014. Last month, Amazon announced its plan to bring the product to the U.K. and Germany this fall. Amazon hasn’t mentioned any plans to bring the product to Canada.

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Fire Phone: Amazon entered the smartphone market in the summer of 2014 with its Fire Phone. But the product quickly flopped due to low sales and as a result was discontinued the next year. The company hasn’t developed a smartphone since.

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AutoRip: Amazon launched this digital software service in January 2013. It allows customers to receive MP3 copies of CDs they purchased through Amazon in the last 15 years.

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Amazon Video: Amazon Video is an online streaming service for Prime members in the U.S., U.K., Japan, Austria and Germany. It was initially also introduced in Sweden, Denmark and Norway as well, but has since been discontinued those countries. Amazon has said it has plans to expand the service to India, but hasn’t expressed interest in bringing it to Canada.

In May 2016, Amazon launched a new video service called Amazon Video Direct, which allows professionals to add their videos directly to Amazon.com. The service has so far launched in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan.

*An earlier version of thsi story incorrectly stated the Kindle is not available in Canada. The product is currently available through Amazon's Canadian site.