Financial experts Gail Vaz-Oxlade and Victoria Ryce know a thing or two about being newly single.

Both women found themselves suddenly flying solo through different circumstances. Vaz-Oxlade has been through three divorces and Ryce’s husband passed away a decade ago. No matter the route though, the end result was similar -- all of life’s responsibilities, previously split in two, now landing on the shoulders of one.

“There are no guides, there’s no roadmap. It’s like every time you’re starting from scratch,” said Vaz-Oxlade in an interview with BNN.

In their new book “CEO of Everything,” the co-authors give advice on how to navigate through life’s challenges and take control of your finances after you find yourself suddenly single.

Whether it’s building a new support team or learning how to diplomatically answer unwanted questions, Ryce and Vaz-Oxlade try to cover all the bases.

The two suggest taking stock of your life by dividing tasks and responsibilities into three categories:

  1. Things out of reach
  2. Things you influence
  3. Things you control

Taking control of the corner office of your life also means becoming Chief Financial Officer.

“You have to take stock first, and then make a plan from there,” said Vaz-Oxlade.

Ryce suggests making use of professional advisors, and making sure you know passwords to financial accounts to avoid money mishaps.

“You have to eventually get back on your feet and get life moving forward for yourself,” said Ryce. “You’re today’s case - where you’re the emergency, but tomorrow, it could be somebody else, so you only have limited time in that space.”