Ben Cheng, Chief Investment Officer, Aston Hill Financial

Focus: Income Investing (REITs, Dividend Stocks & Fixed-Income)



In this post Brexit world, I believe that there will be very few pockets of dependable growth for investors. Thus, with little real growth to be found, the central banks will continue to flood markets with quantitative easing in order to keep interest rates at zero or below zero. Obviously, I am in the “lower for longer” camp and I realize that this may be consensus – but I think it will be correct.

Equity markets will continue to be propped up by low interest rates and dependable sources of income, like REITs and utilities will continue to trade at extended valuations. I still believe that the economic recovery in China is fragile and that may be a source of volatility in our markets that would cause us to be cautious. Gold and the U.S. dollar will continue to be a decent hedge against that source of uncertainty. Otherwise I am still mildly constructive on the Canadian dollar as I believe that energy prices will continue to improve at a moderate pace.

Top Picks:

Park Lawn Corp (PLC.V)

Slate Retail REIT (SRT_U.TO)

Cott Beverages 5.375% 07/01/2022 USD

Disclosure Personal Family Portfolio/Fund
PLC.V N  N  Y 
SRT_u.TO N  N Y 
COTT 5.375%  N  N  Y 


Past Picks:  December 9, 2015

Primary Health Properties (PHP.LN)

  • Then: £104.50
  • Now: £108.00
  • Return: +4.25%
  • TR: +8.12%

Webster Financial (WBS.N) 

  • Then: $38.47
  • Now: $35.92
  • Return: -6.63%
  • TR: -5.30%

Hunt Companies 9.625% March 2021

  • Then: $100.00
  • Now: $101.00
  • TR: +1.00%

Total Return Average: +1.27%

Disclosure Personal Family Portfolio/Fund
PHP.LN  N  N  N 
WBS.N N  N  N 
HUNT 9.625%  N  N  Y