Experts are weighing in after learning European aircraft manufacturer Airbus would be buying a majority stake in Bombardier’s CSeries program.

Here’s what some of them have had to say:


Bombardier-Airbus deal a fight for survival: Money manager

Kash Pashootan, CEO and Chief Investment Officer at First Avenue Investment Counsel, says Bombardier's business has been getting "hammered on all sides" and the deal with Airbus shows the company has been in a fight for survival.

“When we saw the [Quebec] government give Bombardier money, I’m not even a Quebec taxpayer and I thought that it was ridiculous. This is the result of government spending, and the dilution is not good news for Quebec taxpayers…There’s no denying that Bombardier is desperate. And so any time you give up an asset, your crown jewel, and you don’t receive any compensation for it – the writing is on the wall.””- Kash Pashootan, CEO and chief investment officer, First Avenue Investment Counsel


Airbus-Bombardier deal a job saver in U.K.

Ashraf Laidi, Chief Executive Officer at Intermarket Strategy in London says Airbus comes out ahead in obtaining a controlling stake in Bombardier's CSeries, but the real winners are Bombardier workers in Belfast who will stay employed. We also preview Thursday's resumption of Brexit talks, which Laidi says will be "crucial".

“Very good news for Airbus being able to get that strategic alliance with no cash. Being able to obtain the jobs in northern Ireland – Belfast, a region in the United Kingdom whose political party has been important in maintaining Prime Minister Theresa May’s survival…And it’s very good news for Airbus because it’s able to, theoretically, keep the tariff action - the trade action - from [U.S.] President Trump away, because it’s supposed to create jobs in Alabama.” -- Ashraf Laidi, CEO, Intermarket Strategy


Unifor Dias: CSeries deal based on "survival" for Bombardier

Jerry Dias of Unifor joins BNN to discuss the deal that will see Airbus take control of Bombardier's CSeries and the implication for workers. He says that it is a deal based on "survival" for Bombardier.

“Boeing, you really have to be careful what you ask for. It really was a life or death situation for Bombardier. They can’t survive without a successful CSeries. … Boeing tried to really squash Bombardier from getting this big to this big, and instead created a monster much bigger than they could have ever anticipated.” – Jerry Dias, head, Unifor


McCreath: Bombardier remains uninvestable

BNN Commentator Andrew McCreath discusses the Bombardier-Airbus deal on the CSeries and why Bombardier remains uninvestable.

“This company remains uninvestable…piece by piece they are carving this company up to try and keep it alive.” – Andrew McCreath, Commentator, BNN

“This is not a bad outcome. At the end of the day, it’s better to have a 30 per cent share of what will probably be a major success now rather than a majority share of something that frankly might not have survived.” - Richard Aboulafia, vice president, analysis, Teal Group

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