Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says pipeline opponents won’t have a change of heart just because Ottawa slaps a price on carbon.

“None of the people who oppose these pipelines prior to the carbon tax being announced by the [Federal government] are now supporting it,” he said in an interview with BNN on Thursday. 

“It’s the same people opposing it, it’ll be the same protests,” he said.

Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement project and Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion are still facing huge hurdles despite getting the go-ahead, albeit with conditions, from Ottawa on Tuesday.

Environmentalists, First Nations groups and some regional government leaders are vehemently opposed to the projects and are prepared to use lawsuits to block construction from going ahead. 

Wall says Line 3 presents a huge opportunity for his province and struggling oil workers, translating to an $1.1 billion impact on Saskatchewan.

Still, he says given Ottawa’s announcements, he’s still hopeful the Trudeau government has the stomach for more pipeline approvals in the future.


At an education event in Toronto on Friday morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was disrupted by a group of anti-pipeline protesters. Several demonstrators came to the stage area carrying signs with slogans such as "Kids for climate justice -- no more pipelines." 

Police officers removed the protesters from the scene, with no apparent conflict. Watch the video below to see how the demonstrations unfolded: