There may be a place for both robots and today’s youth in the job market of the future.

A new report by job-search site finds that millennials, compared to Gen Xers and baby boomers, are more interested in careers that are less at risk of being overtaken by machines.

According to the report, which compiles and analyzes data from job-seeker activity from Sept. 2016 to March 2017, millennials by-and-large have their sights on jobs in science, education, the arts and media — “non-routine cognitive” occupations — while their elders prefer “routine manual” fields like construction, transportation and manufacturing.

“The difference in generational preferences can partly be attributed to educational attainment,” Daniel Culbertson, author of the report, told BNN in an e-mail.

“We can see in our click data that millennials tend to be more interested in higher-skilled jobs that typically require a university degree.”

Culbertson says that while he believes millennials’ career inclinations are mostly driven by their education and genuine interest, it may also be the case that they’re deliberately avoiding more risky lines of work.

“Millennials could be making a conscious decision to avoid these occupations [like trucking or manufacturing] due to diminishing long-term prospects.”