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About BNN


  • BNN – Business News Network is Canada’s only all business and financial news channel.
  • The Network was licensed by the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission in 1996 and began broadcasting in 1999.
  • BNN’s studios are located in downtown Toronto.
  • BNN features live interviews with CEOs, as well as financial and market professionals across North America and around the world.


  • The centrepiece of the Network's programming is its comprehensive real time coverage of global market activity from a Canadian perspective. BNN – Business News Network provides constant on screen ticker information from all major Canadian, U.S. and international stock markets.
  • BNN - Business News Network also specializes in company profiles, economic forecasting and analysis, segments on personal finance and interactive features that involve viewers.
  • BNN – Business News Network regularly covers important corporate announcements as they happen including news conferences, annual meetings and key trade shows.
  • BNN – Business News Network employs the strongest Canadian team of business anchors, reporters and analysts. Many of BNN – Business News Network's on-air personalities had successful careers in business, financial planning and economics prior to entering television.


  • BNN – Business News Network is owned by the CTV Television Network, part of the Bell Media family of companies. BNN – Business News Network is able to sell customized multi-media packages to advertisers involving the full range of television networks and websites owned by Bell Media Inc.


  • From its broadcast centre in downtown Toronto, BNN – Business News Network's signal is delivered by fibre optic lines to CanCom's facility in Mississauga where it is uplinked to Canada's Anik E-2 satellite and distributed on the KU-band.
  • BNN - Business News Network is received by over 5.5 million Canadian households through cable, direct-to-home satellite and wireless services.


  • BNN – Business News Network is viewed primarily by retail investors, financial professionals and managers, owners and executives.
  • Key viewership groups include:
    • Professionals and executives in the banking, investment and insurance sectors;
    • Active, high net worth investors; and
    • Self-employed entrepreneurs interested in staying in touch with the business world.
  • The Network's male/female split is 60-40 and over 85 percent of viewers have some university education.
  • More than 50 percent of BNN – Business News Network's viewers have annual household incomes of $75,000 or greater.
  • BNN – Business News Network is unique in that close to half of its viewing audience watches the Network while working in an out-of-home environment, a viewing base not measured by traditional in-home meters.
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