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2:30 pm ET
Michael Ptasznik
CFO, TMX Group

 Earnings & Outlook: The Oil Impact

As crude oil prices fall to the lowest level since May 2003, and Canadian energy companies continue to warn of cutting jobs, dividends and spending, the TMX Group may also consider itself a casualty of the commodities decline.  BNN digs into the latest earnings from Canada's stock exchange group with Michael Ptasznik, CFO, TMX Group.
2:50 pm ET
Jeff Weniger
investment strategist, BMO Global Asset Management

 Your Money Month: Global Investing

BNN's special coverage of "Your Money Month" continues as the deadline to contribute to your RRSP in time for this tax year draws near.  In today's edition, we learn about what the potential of global diversification may offer your portfolio, especially this year, as lower oil prices weigh heavily on the Canadian market.  Don't miss insight from Jeff Weniger, investment strategist, BMO Private Bank.
3:00 pm ET
Kevin O'Leary
Chairman, O'Leary Financial Group

 Ask O'Leary

As part of BNN's special coverage of "Your Money Month", don't miss Kevin O'Leary, chair, O'Leary Financial Group, answer your calls, emails and twitter questions on the markets, investing, personal finance and managing your money.

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