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2:45 pm ET
Keith Markey
Science Director Equities Analyst, Griffin Securities

 Biotech as a buy in volatility

It wasn't that long ago that biotech was leading the Nasdaq higher to levels not seen since the peak of the tech boom in March 2000.  But over the past few weeks, China has thrown global equities for a loop, leaving investors to wonder if there is still upside ahead for these stocks.  BNN explores the potential with Keith Markey, science director, equities analyst, Griffin Securities.
3:00 pm ET
James Thorne
senior portfolio manager & chief capital market strategist, Caldwell Investment Management

 A BNN Special: Making it in Canada

Don't miss a BNN special presentation of, "Making it in Canada", an in-depth look at the decline of Canadian manufacturing, the shift of operations to Mexico and if a lower loonie is making any difference to the sector from a competitive standpoint.  BNN inteviews James Thorne, chief capital markets strategist, Caldwell Investment Management, Greig Mordue, general manager, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, and Buzz Hargrove, executive director, Centre for Labour Management Relations, Ryerson University.

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