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9:40 am ET
Brian Colello
Analyst, Morningstar

 Blackberry - Fresh off the conference call

Brian Colello, Analyst, Morningstar, joins BNN to break down Blackberry's latest quarter fresh off the Canadian smartphone maker's earings call. How much juice will Blackberry's new squeeze, The Classic, bring?
10:05 am ET
Gerald Celente,
Publisher, The Trends Journal

 The top trends for 2015

Gerald Celente, Global Forecaster and Trends Journal publisher joins BNN to reveal the top trends of 2015.

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December 19, 2014
Quadruple witching day
by Frances Horodelski - Anchor
According to a CIBC holiday shopping poll, 64% of Canadians have not finished their holiday shopping. What’s the rush – we have six days left.
December 19, 2014  Filed in: Investing Ideas » Continue Reading
December 18, 2014
Flapping of jaws and spilling of ink
by Frances Horodelski - Anchor
Again the Fed caused much flapping of jaws and spilling of ink yesterday especially give the confusion as to whether “considerable time” was in or ..
December 18, 2014  » Continue Reading
December 17, 2014
I'm back!
by Frances Horodelski - Anchor
I’m back (although in jet lag territory so bear with me for today). What did I miss?
December 17, 2014  Filed in: Investing Ideas » Continue Reading

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