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Today on Commodities

11:30 am ET
Jack Lifton
Founder, Technology Metals Research

 China Tightens Grip on Rare Earth Elements

China has been reigning in exports of rare earth elements necessary to make everything from TVs to automobiles as it tries to satisfy internal demand from its own manufacturers. But four rare earth developments around the world could fill the growing supply gap. A look at global supply and demand with Jack Lifton, founder of Technology Metals Research.


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Andrew's Blog

February 24, 2014
Natural gas: A backwardation situation
 Andrew Bell - Anchor, Reporter
Traders and investors have been pointing to rarely seen “backwardation” in the nat gas market, which means contracts for future delivery are trading lower than the near-month prices, implying a market that is very tight in the short term.
February 24, 2014  Best of BNN, Energy & Resources

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Andrew Bell
Andrew Bell
Anchor, Reporter


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