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12:00 pm ET
Michael Hainsworth
Anchor, BNN

Focus: The Business News

Join Michael Hainsworth for a round up of the day's top stories.
12:20 pm ET
Hilliard MacBeth
Author, "When the Bubble Bursts: surviving the Canadian real estate crash"

Focus: Bubble Risks to Canadian Housing

Hilliard MacBeth, author, When the Bubble Bursts: surviving the Canadian real estate crash joins BNN to discuss why he feels there's a bubble in Canadian real estate.
12:30 pm ET
Alexander Peh
Head of Market Development & Mobile, PayPal Canada

Focus: PayPal Canada on Cyber Monday Traffic

Alexander Peh, Head of Market Development & Mobile, PayPal Canada joins BNN to discuss trends Cyber Monday trends.
12:40 pm ET
Erin Flanagan
Oilsands Analyst, Pembina Institute

Focus: Paris Climate Talks: What it means for Canada

The Paris Climate Change Summit is kicking off, with world leaders set to tackle the big environmental issues. For early reaction, BNN is joined by Erin Flanagan, Oilsands Analyst, Pembina Institute.

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Michael Hainsworth
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Amber Kanwar
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Kristina Partsinevelos

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