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Today on The Close

4:00 pm ET
Larry Shover
Chief Investment Officer, SFG Alternatives

Focus: Wrapping up the trading day

Larry Shover, chief investment officer at SFG Alternatives, joins The Close to wrap up the day's market action.
4:20 pm ET
Zach Bissonette,
Author, The Great Beanie Baby Bubble

Focus: The Burst of the Beanie Baby Bubble

Much like buyers of Dutch tulip bulbs in the 1620, speculators buying up Beanie Babies were wiped out in the early Aughts. BNN speak with Zach Bissonette, Author, The Great Beanie Baby Bubble about the rise and fall of the Beanie Baby. 
4:30 pm ET
David Prince
Founder and Principal, Harbinger Capital Markets Research

Focus: The Weeks Big Takeaways

David Prince, Founder & President, Harbinger Capital Markets Research joins BNN to discuss the big trends and takeaways from the week on the markets.

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The Big Shat Attack!
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William Shatner joins us to talk about his 500 horsepower tricycle, his new book, and we’ve got the scoop on his involvement in the next Star Wars ..
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