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Passion Capital

A Passion Capitalist is an organization that has achieved long term success by creating Passion Capital; the energy, intensity, and sustainability needed to generate superior results. It’s what enables small start-ups to compete with large multinationals, and large multinationals to stay relevant over time. Passion Capitalists are guided by a strong set of values and beliefs that form the basis of a distinctive culture that fuels their performance. They are courageous; often having to overcome significant obstacles. They build strong brands anchored by their culture, which guide their strategies, the people they hire and promote, and the way they operate.

Help us recognize and celebrate Canada’s Passion Capitalists
We believe there are literally hundreds of Passion Capitalists in Canada, many of which are unknown to most Canadians. By identifying and sharing the stories and practices of Canada’s Passion Capitalists, we feel that we can help others ignite Passion Capital within their organization. If you believe your organization has Passion Capital, please click on the here to learn more.

  • Nominees can apply at
  • Applicants complete a 2-phase online application process, the first of which includes general background information on the organization and two simple questions that can be answered in written or video format. Phase One of the application must be completed by June 27th, 2014.
  • Phase Two of the application process begins on July 1st, and ends August 29th, 2014. This phase consists of an online application comprising of 6 questions based on the principles of Passion Capital.
  • Regional Judging Panels will select finalists from each of the following regions; Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, and Western Canada.
  • Finalists will be recognized at regional receptions across the country in late October.
  • From the list of Regional Finalists, a National Judging Panel will select 5-10 Winners to be awarded Canada's Passion Capitalists.
  • The Winners will be announced on BNN and in Canadian Business/Profit Magazine. BNN will also produce and air 3 minute profiles on each Winner during late October and November.

Who is eligible to apply?
  • Any organization that has consistently operated in Canada for at least 5 years. This includes private and public companies, divisions of multinationals or large companies, small and midsized businesses, Not-For-Profit organizations, Government agencies and department.
  • Any organization that has more than 20 employees, volunteers, or associates.
  • The organization must be able to submit 5 years of financial data - either audited financial statements or CFO-certified financial results.
  • The organization must be willing to be publicly recognized if chosen as a Finalist or Winners by Canada's Passion Capitalists.

In 2011, during the process of writing a book called “Passion Capital”, Paul Alofs, President and CEO at the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, gave a small group of business leaders a preliminary copy of the manuscript and asked for feedback. David Shaw, the Founder and CEO of Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions, was one of them. The concept of Passion Capital and the ideas contained in the book resonated with David. Many of the principles outlined in the book, such as the importance of establishing a values-based culture and selecting and developing people aligned to that culture, are principles that Knightsbridge was not only founded on, but also helps its clients achieve.

Inspired by the book, in 2012 Knightsbridge offered to champion the development of a national awards program to recognize and celebrate great Canadian organizations that have achieved sustainable success by creating “Passion Capital” among their people. The program also reinforced Knightsbridge’s brand promise and the work we do to help strengthen people and organizations, so that they become Passion Capitalists. To help bring the program to life, Knightsbridge partnered with Global Governance Advisors, Business News Network (BNN), and The National Post.

The inaugural year was a resounding success, with over 80 applications received from all across Canada, which is a testament to how many Canadian organizations have Passion Capital and understand its importance. Receptions were held across Canada to announce and recognize 28 regional Finalists, which assisted them in building their brand profile and provided an opportunity to network with nominee’s senior management and other business leaders. From this pool, the National Judging Panel chose 10 Winners, who were announced live on BNN by Paul Alofs and David Shaw. For a complete list of last year’s winners, please click here.


As a Finalist, you will benefit from:

  • exclusive networking opportunities with other finalists and key business leaders
  • ability to learn from fellow finalists and leading business experts at Finalist receptions and future events
  • ability to leverage the award to attract talent and enhance your credibility with customers and stakeholders
  • opportunity to celebrate with your employees, and build employee morale

Winners benefits from:

  • national media coverage on BNN and in the National Post
    • BNN will produce and air a 3 minute profile on each winner for approximately 2 months
    • Profile in the National Post
  • exclusive use of the Canada’s Passion Capitalists designation CTV Two CTV News CTV News Channel BNN - Business News Network CP24