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Behind the scenes at Ride Time

Meet The Staff

Doug MacIver (33) was born in Winnipeg and raised in Toronto, ON, leaving home at 15 to pursue a career in professional hockey. Over his career, he played for minor league teams across North America, followed by a stint in Europe. After nine years of playing in the minors, Doug suffered a career-ending knee injury. With his hockey dreams sidelined, he joined the family business less than a year before Doug Sr. died, marking a major career and life transition for Doug. Helping run Ride Time has turned out to be as big a challenge as playing professional hockey was, except there’s no body-checking in the office.







Andrew MacIver (29) is Doug’s younger brother. Unlike Doug, he wanted to be in the car business from the age of six, hung around the dealerships with his dad, and always intended to join the family business. While growing up in Toronto he worked for a year at Willowdale Dodge before going to Georgian College in Barrie to study automotive sales and management. One year into the course, his dad’s Toronto business collapsed, and by the time he finished the third and final year of the course, there was no family business left to get into. Andrew moved to Winnipeg with the family and helped his dad Doug Sr. get the new business off the ground. Going from new car sales to used car sales was a big shift, based on an entirely different business model. But Andrew and Doug Sr. relished the freedom to operate outside the scrutiny of the auto makers. Andrew is the driving force for change and growth, but his youthful ambition sometimes overwhelms attention to detail. Andrew is living with Doug and Meagan in their condo, but Meagan wants him out. So now, he’s looking to move in next door.

Meagan MacIver (28) is from the U.S., born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana. Hers was a fertile family with nine aunts and uncles, and 30 first cousins, only two of which live outside of Louisiana. Meagan met Doug in Lafayette. He took her to Toronto and she reveled in big city life…that is, until a year after getting married when Doug moved her out to Winnipeg. Now working at the dealership, Meagan is the assistant to her mother-in-law, and company accountant, Evelyn. Trading in her big city dreams for small town reality, Megan makes it work, with her husband by her side.






Evelyn MacIver is the President of Ride Time, although her actual role is head of accounting and finance. Mother Evelyn, along with sons Doug and Andrew, are the company’s three principals (any two of three can carry a decision). Originally trained as a dental hygienist but barely practiced, and was a stay-at-home mom in affluent times, focused on raising the children. Andrew and Doug say she was a supermom, but also say that the family decline has been extraordinarily hard on her. Evelyn lost a lot over the last ten years and is now very cautious about money. She also lost her life partner, and is trying to find her place again in the world. But she is tough, fierce, and determined to never let anyone put her at risk again.





Alexandria MacIver (26) is sister to Andrew and Doug. At 6’5”, she’s even bigger than Doug, and often a thorn in her brothers’ sides. She attends university full time, where she studies athletic therapy, and works part-time at the dealership; but her shifts don’t always go well, as she struggles to meet her brothers demands. She is heavily defended by the other women in the office, particularly her mom. But the boys say she never pulls her weight.








Among the customer-facing staff are salesman Glen Ngan Tian; his life partner Karina is the senior service advisor; service administrator Marguerite Jansen who calls herself Maggie, answers the phones, talks too much, and tries to make people happy; andJohn, a loyal employee and greeter at the front house. Other family members who work at Ride Time include uncle Dave Turnley, acting sales manager, and Aunt Kim Trunley, Doug Sr’s sister who works in the back accounting office.

In the back, at the service bays of the main location are service manager Monte Wilson – always in the blue coat; Jeff the car washer and detailer, and mechanics Conrad, Mike and Sean.

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