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Season 2

01 - A Shoe Fit For a Car

While working on another TV project Peter receives a phone call from a guy who is angry that Peter's footwear does not adequately reflect the level of respect that some of the world's finest cars demand. Really, is this guy serious? Sure Pete's shoes have some mileage on them but whose does this guy think he is? Turns out he is the kind of guy that will come to the shop and answer that question.

02 - The Legendary Bullitt

A client of Peter's wants his Mustang turned into an identical version of the famous Steve McQueen car in the Bullitt movie. Is recreating a Hollywood icon more or less difficult than a standard restoration? The guys at Legendary are about to find out.

03 - All Original Ferrari 275

Peter has been chasing the owner of a 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB 4 cam for 7 years trying to buy this car. When the owner finally decides to sell the car and it arrives at Legendary, even Pete is shocked by how original this car is. Now let's see if the Pebble Beach judges agree.

04 - The Thunderbolt

Peter receives a call about an original Thunderbolt drag car that is sitting in the LMC showroom. The caller claims he is too busy to come look at the car but asks if Pete can haul it down to a drag strip where he is running his nitro methane funny car on the upcoming race weekend. Not an average car, not an average customer, not an average weekend. This might be fun.

05 - The Supercuda

If guys at Legendary Motorcar were challenged to take an American muscle car and turn it into an Enzo killer, would they be up for the challenge? And if so, where would they start? How about taking the body of 1970 Cuda and dropping it onto a twin turbo, 10 cylinder, 1000 plus horse power, Viper based platform with custom made chrome-molly suspension and race cage? That sounds right. Now, to race the Enzo.......

06 - A Barn Find Boss Gets a New Life

Peter hears about a crusty old timer who lives just outside of town that has quite the collection of rusting hulks sitting in his back yard. One of them is rumoured to be a Boss 429. Gary and Pete decide they must head down and see if the car is what they have heard, and if this old timer will let it go. And if he does, what will Pete do with it?

07 - Toy Trains and Real Cars

An old contact calls Pete to let him know about a friend who is looking to unload a couple of cars. One of them is a 66 Chevelle in which Pete definitely has some interest. As the deal is wrapping up the seller also asks Pete if he can take a few other collector items off of his hands. Does Pete want this Chevelle badly enough to become the new owner of 4000 toy trains?

08 - A Rare Desert Find

Pete and Gary head to Phoenix looking for cars. After a couple of misses they find an owner of one of the very rare, completely original GT40 street cars. Peter feels this car is ready to explode but the owner knows exactly what he has. This won't be easy. Or cheap.

09 - A Shelby Surprise

When a 68 Shelby arrives at LMC and starts into its restoration process no one seems impressed, Legendary has done a million of these things. But as the car comes apart the guys in the shop start to think they may have something very special on their hands. The owners are brought in and the detective work begins, could this be one of the mythical Shelby prototypes?

10 - Real Cars and Toy Trains

An old contact calls Pete to let him know about a friend who is looking to unload a couple of cars. One of them is a 66 Chevelle in which Pete definitely has some interest. As the deal is wrapping up the seller also asks Pete if he can take a few other collector items off of his hands. Does Pete want this Chevelle badly enough to become the new owner of 4000 toy trains?

11 - Buying and Selling in the Carolinas

Having discovered a great little auction in North Carolina last season, Pete goes back down with the hopes of selling a perfectly restored 58 Impala and buying a few pieces of classic muscle. The problem is…these good ole boys know their cars. So when Pete arrives hoping to find and buy a few hidden gems, he learns the hard way that the Carolina car culture can be a very rough place to do business.

12 - Jessica's Healy

When a local collector of all things odd decides to call Legendary Motorcar hoping to sell a classic Healy, Peter is not very excited. But when he goes to look at the car he is surprised by the owner, and a few of the things she would like to show him. The blonde hair, the full sleeve of tattoos and oh, one more thing…the genuine Egyptian mummy!

13 - Closing Deals and Cleaning Floors

Gary is working the front desk at Legendary Motorcar one Saturday when a call comes in about a 1940 Dodge pickup. Could leaving money on the table with this buyer lead to a bigger deal on a Ford GT?

14 - A Brotherly Deal

As spring time finally sets in at Legendary Motorcar Pete gets a surprise visit from his brother. The weather is nice and Dave Klutt has the itch to buy a sports car. When he can't decide between a ZR1 Corvette and an ACR Viper Pete decides to let him try both at a track day. Business between brothers should be easy until Dave reminds Peter that “you don't make money on family!” Oh boy, here we go…..

15 Learning the Ropes in the Race Shop and A GTX Resto Mod

As Gary becomes a bigger part of the Legendary shop and its race team, Pete insists he spend some time in the fabrication shop. If he wants to race, he has to learn. Peter drives a 1915 Mitchell that he just bought at the St Johns auction, and he takes a customer for his first drive in a freshly built, very serious GTX resto mod.


Season 1

01 A Barn Find Packard

Pete is tipped off about a 37 Packard sitting in a farmer’s shed a couple of hours away from his shop. It could be a great buy, but if that farmer doesn’t sell and that engine doesn’t run it would be a big waste of time, and more importantly, money.

02 Shelby Convention at Watkins Glen

Between Peter having a favourite client over from Monaco (who will be racing in his LMC built Cobra), and entering a Boss 429 in the Shelby America Automobile Club concourse event (while trying to sell that same car to a very interested Australian collector), Peter has lots of opportunities for business...and headaches.

03 The Oklahoma Aston

Pete hears about a very rare 55 Aston Martin race car in Oklahoma City. Yeah, that’s right, Oklahoma City. He immediately flies down and realizes that this is a heavyweight car and it will likely command a heavyweight price. While trying to get the Aston deal done, Peter gets a call from the shop with news that an unexpected and mysterious inquiry about a pair of cars sitting in the LMC showroom has come in.

04 The Big Deal

One of Pete’s best and longest term clients walks into Legendary and wants to do a deal. This is a common occurrence at Legendary but as Pete and Mark get into the game, Pete sees this is not your average transaction. Is Legendary buying? Selling? Trading? Pete is not sure. And where did all these Jeeps come from?

05 56 T-Bird Swap

Peter meets a potential customer at a BBQ who suggests he may like to own a 56 T-bird. The deal goes smoothly but the new customer insists a few “tweaks” get tossed into the deal before the price is finalized. When the Legendary shop manager, Chris, sees the “tweaks”, one stands out as a major problem that Peter may have underestimated. This could be a tough lesson. Peter gains a new perspective on things when Ed calls to see if he could give a young girl who is recovering from a very serious brain injury and coma, a ride in a beautiful pre war classic.

06 Charity Vettes and a Blind Mechanic

Legendary gets a call from a large charity looking for help with finding two cars for a draw they are running. When the deal stalls Pete brings in a world famous corvette racer who brings some extra incentives that might get Peter a handshake. Also, Pete gets to meet a young local mechanic who gets his first chance at getting behind the wheel at a local race track. Sound interesting? Our young mechanic is blind.

07 A Boss 302 Comes Full Circle

Pete and the guys at LMC do restoration on a 1970 Boss 302. This is very nice car but it is the fairytale path that the car has been down that is real story. From the original owner, to a second owner, and then back to the original owner after 3 decades, we see that some car guys will spare no expense to get back their first love. We are also treated to Ford’s most recent version of the mighty Boss cars.

08 Not a Race For Chumps

Peter and the guys from Legendary decide to build a race car and try an event with North America’s premeire crap can endurance racing organization, The Chump Car World Series. Grass roots gear heads from all over North America descend on the track at Nelson Ledges to see who can run fast for over 25 straight hours.

09 The Impossible Restoration

Pete has one of the all time great cars show up at LMC. The 1957 Mercedes Benz 300SL is owned by BASF corporation and they want this car to be perfect. With a very short timeline and a required level of research that demands a trip to Europe, Legendary has its hands full. And the clock is ticking.

10 Car Hunting in the Carolinas

Peter makes a trip to North Carolina to check out a new player in the classic car auction world. While down there he calls an old contact who ends up sending Pete to meet some guys whose collections are buried deep in the Carolina car culture. Is car hunting in America’s racing heartland as tough as it sounds?

11 Viper Cup/ Remembering and Old Friend

Peter gets an invite from the guys at the SRT Viper Cup series to come to NY State and drive a race at Monticello. He is more than happy to drive as the event’s celebrity racer, especially as the weekend is dedicated to the series former track announcer, friend and fellow racer. A big question remains however, in his first time in a Viper race car can Peter compete against teams that do this every weekend?

Legendary Motorcar

With over 25 years in business, the Legendary Motorcar Company deals in the rarest and finest collector cars from Auburns to Zondas.

Owner Peter Klutt hosted the TV show Dream Car Garage from the Legendary Motorcar Company facility for 11 years. He now has a new reality style show called Legendary Motorcar.

Host Peter Klutt and his crew at Legendary Motorcars buy, restore, sell and race classic, vintage and muscle cars. Each 30-minute episode features a single car, including: 1937 Packard, which Peter located in a farmer's shed -- only a few hours from his garage; 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL, owned by BASF Corp., prompting Peter to make a trip to see the vehicle in Europe; and many more sexy automobiles. Plus, Peter also meets with clients, fans and inspirational figures, like a blind mechanic who gets behind the wheel of a car for the first time. Every week, watch Peter turn passion into profit on Legendary Motorcar.

Peter Klutt
President, Legendary Motorcar

Long before Peter graduated from university or high school for that matter, he has been restoring collector cars. Peter has also bought and sold literally thousands of classic cars with regular customers all over the planet.
As President of Legendary Motorcar, Peter Klutt heads up a team of highly skilled restoration artists, mechanical geniuses and gifted craftsmen. Legendary Motorcar's new home in Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada covers almost 40,000 square feet including a state of the art restoration facility, a showroom and a museum including some 100 examples of collector cars.
Peter is also a competitive race car driver and races a 1969 Corvette in the Sports Car Vintage Racing Association where he has chalked up an impressive 13 wins.

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