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Frances Horodelski
Mar 27 2015

The shorts are everywhere

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
Today we’ll focus on budgets, BlackBerry’s results, the bond market, follow-through on oil and gold, Amaya’s proposal to sell part of its ownership in Innova Gaming, Dow Chemical selling its chlor-alkali business to Olin Corp. and through the deal with end up holding 50.5% of Olin, Savannah eliminating its dividend, Google is paying $70 million to its new CFO.
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Frances Horodelski
Mar 26 2015

What happened to the Arab Spring?

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
From the Saudi ambassador: “We will do whatever it takes in order to protect the legitimate government of Yemen from falling.”
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Frances Horodelski
Mar 25 2015

Today’s stories focus on M&A

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
Today’s stories focus on M&A, especially the big deal in the food industry.
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Frances Horodelski
Mar 24 2015

Inflation and PMI day

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
On BNN today watch for our special “Fill ‘er up” -- A look at the cost of gasoline. We’ve also got bulls on stocks and we’ve got worries (the Canadian economy is front and centre here).
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Larry Berman
Mar 23 2015

Will the U.S. market continue higher?

By Larry Berman, Berman's Call
When I’m evaluating the tape to try to do a qualitative and quantitative assessment as to whether the trend can continue, here are a few things I look towards to help that that decision.
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Michael Kane
Mar 23 2015

Canada gets its yuan hub

By Michael Kane, Anchor
Today in Toronto, there is a significant event that may make it easier to invest in Chinese companies and should increase exports to China.
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Frances Horodelski
Mar 20 2015

Things you need to know

By Frances Horodelski, Anchor
Lot to consider – but right now stocks are on a roll and it appears the path of least resistance is up….except for oil which is down modestly.
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Michael Hainsworth
Mar 19 2015

Space Cadets

By Michael Hainsworth, Anchor
Blurred Lines may have ruined the music business — but it was always the devil’s music.
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